“Track&Know”: New Horizon 2020 Project for CELERITAS LTD

11 September 2017

CELERITAS LTD is glad to announce that it will take part to a new Horizon 2020 funded Project. “Track&Know” is a research and innovation collaborative project targeting at introducing novel technologies and approaches in Big Data driven ecosystems (i.e. intelligent mobility services, autonomous, connected and shared vehicles technologies, healthcare and predictive maintenance, finance and insurance, etc.).

The “Track&Know” project brings together interdisciplinary partners from the transport, insurance, emergency healthcare industries, academia and research along with users and data-provision partners focusing on real-life and user-defined challenges to address the open issues arising from the automotive transportation in modern metropolitan areas and increase the contextual awareness in urban mobility by delivering intelligent information and predictive analytics to user-interest groups, stakeholders and city managers. 

The Project aims at:

  • Addressing fundamental research problems related to the scalability, adaptability, interoperability and responsiveness of analytics and smart mobility services capabilities;
  • Focusing on industry-validated, user-defined challenges for accurate predictions and rigorous processes for monitoring and measurement towards environmental and sustainable automotive transportation, efficient cities and societal changes.