UKeMED Global Grand Rounds started in March 2018 between top healthcare Institutions in Europe and China

2nd April 2018

UKeMED’s grand rounds started in March, aiming to enhance professional development and knowledge sharing around the world. These are monthly live sessions between Hospitals/Institutions and Centres of Excellence around the globe on a variety of medical topics which take place via an online top security conferencing tool installed in the UKeMED platform.

The purpose of the grand round sessions is to enhance the global Healthcare Community to share its expertise, knowledge and skills in order to improve patient care. Medical case presentations are delivered at Grand Rounds, Departmental Meetings and other staff Training sessions aiming at case-based learning. Grand Rounds and Multi-Disciplinary Teams present their cases (i.e. clinical problems, developments in research etc.) on a specific topic and at the same time they interact with participating centres around the world in order to exchange ideas, give and receive feedback in real time.

The first grand rounds took place in March 2018, between top healthcare Institutions in Europe and China.