West China Hospital becomes a Center of Excellence in the UKeMED Platform

26th April 2018

West China Hospital (Huaxi) has been appointed as a Center of Excellence in the UKeMED Platform. The Medical University Hospital is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in China and it is one of the top and largest Institutions in the country. Since 2009, the hospital has ranked 2nd on the China Best Hospital List. As a Center of Excellence, the Institution and the UKeMED global platform will share knowledge and experience with the health care sector around the world.

The UKeMED platform’s ultimate goal is to become the bridge between the West and East in Health and Care. The primary purpose of this collaboration is to contribute to the integration of the TCM and the Western Medicine for the benefit of the Global Citizen with cooperative activities as live sessions/grand rounds, video recorded operations/presentations, mutual research projects/clinical trials and educational courses. Furthermore, the UKeMED platform will be also utilized as an Innovation tool for Research Remote Diagnosis and Home Care projects.

Recently UKeMED and West China Hospital jointly submitted a proposal to the SC1-HCO-11-2018 CSA call on EU-China collaboration in health research and innovation. The basis of the project lies in the provision of a holistic set of coordination and support activities to identify, facilitate and develop sustainable joint research initiatives between European Member States and China.